A land of culture and movies

Morocco is a land of culture, civilization and authenticity whose many charms attract more than just tourists. Each year production companies flock to the kingdom to make the most of its assets, including diverse landscapes and exceptional natural light that amplifies colors. Television series, movies and super-productions are regularly shot in Morocco.

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A culturally rich city, Rabat


The Imperial City of Rabat is now the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. Its rich history is on display in the stones that decorate its streets, forming a charming setting that you will love exploring.

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where culture is always stirring, Marrakech


The rich heritage of Marrakesh stretches back a thousand years. And yet, nothing here seems frozen or petrified. The culture is dynamic and alive.

 Jemaa El Fna Square captures this energy. Come experience this gathering place where people eat and drink, reveling in the local delicacies. It is also a place for singing, where visitors come to enjoy the most popular pastimes in Moroccan culture thanks to storytellers, fortune tellers and gnawa musicians. The square is all things picturesque and authentic.

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1,001 Tasty Moroccan Delights

Morocco is a country where life is good and the food is even better! Its cuisine is rich and inviting, tinged with the best of the Middle East. Spices are given pride of place: coriander, saffron and cumin elevate many recipes with a hint of spiciness in the best taste. Couscous, tagine and pastilla made with chicken or seafood are the most famous Moroccan dishes.

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Art of living


Tradition is alive and well

Morocco has been around for thousands of years and has inherited centuries of tradition. And yet this kingdom is not the least bit frozen in time. It has a vibrant culture that is expressed each day in the little details that make up daily routines and habits, as well as in celebrations and rituals. Spend some time here and soak up Morocco's irresistible lifestyle.

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Moroccan nightlife

Whether you pick a traditional or modern experience, a night on the town in Morocco will make your trip unforgettable.

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Typical accommodation


Choose traditional accommodations for an authentic experience

Offering up a warm welcome, stunning scenery and a secular culture, Morocco has everything to make your vacation unforgettable. That even includes traditional accommodations to take you inside the Moroccan lifestyle.

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La belleza de la piedra


The beauty of stones

The rich architecture of Morocco lacks neither charm nor variety. Whether you visit the north or the south of the country, perfectly preserved medinas, minarets,fortified walls, monumental doors, ksars and Kasbahs invite you to discover the myriad architectural treasures of Morocco.

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The archeological treasures of Morocco

Morocco has a long, venerable history. There are still many vestiges of its glorious past, from the pre-Roman, Roman, Phoenician, Antique and prehistoric eras. There are even traces of dinosaurs and rock paintings. They are scattered across the land, attesting to the country's rich heritage and promising you an enlightening trip.

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